Uri Review

In Tulu, Uri is a word referring to the sensation of a burn! No wonder fiberals & tukde tukde gang are burning & losing their mind due to the movie Uri. Amazing movie! Yes, finally watched it. ? Hyper-nationalism? Of course, yes, & why not? bring it on!
This movie could be just an artistic reflection of what really happened, but there are times when you forget it’s a movie. Reality sucks you into its wormhole. The price our soldiers & their families paid is unimaginable. During the movie, I couldn’t even bring myself to eat popcorn without feeling guilty. When they were out there taking bullets for the country, what kind of petty things were we involved in? Do we appreciate those brave hearts enough?
There was pin-drop silence in the theatre, guess even kids knew instinctively that this was not an imagined script but a script written with the blood of our nation’s heroes.
Once in a while, there comes a movie or a piece of art that blurs the difference between fiction and reality. Though the bullets were fake, in a different time strand they were very much real. Though the blood in the movie was fake, real blood was spilled and real tears were shed, while the country moved on with its life. As common citizens, we think our vote is the most powerful thing. Is it really? Am not sure, but, if there is even half a chance of it being true, then be very prudent in casting it. It could make a difference of life and death for the soldiers on our borders. Btw has anybody seen the Accidental prime minister? maybe it might help the fence sitters decide? ?
Thanks to the numerous reviews online & offline my expectations from Uri was already high. Glad to say it did not disappoint. The movie was worth every moment I spent in the theatre. This was a piece of contemporary history we were watching, how could it be any less fascinating & thrilling?
Now let’s move onto the meat of the movie:
• While I expected high action scenes, excellent acting by the cast, including Mr. Dapper Mohit Raina (of Mahadev fame) & Vicky Kaushal. What I did not expect and thus was pleasantly surprised by, was the great Background score. You must experience it to believe it. The BG music raised the level of tension and thrill to another level. If there was pin-drop silence in the theatre, am sure music too had a hand in it.
• Paresh Rawal’s acting needs no elaboration, but man! He nailed it as Ajit Doval. Same goes for the character acting as Manohar parrikar. Kudos to the casting team. Intentionally or unintentionally Rajnath Singh was looking quite comical, am surprised his character did not use his standard ‘Kadi Ninda’ phrase in his one sentence dialogue.
• Rajit Kapur as Modi was unimpressive. Though his mannerisms, make-up were exactly like Modi. Something was off. Maybe the aura of Modi was just too difficult to bring in? He has tried, but that’s just not enough. Maybe Anupam Kher could train him on how to imitate a PM? ?
• Dialogues. My favorite one was where the Pakistani guy says ” India has no guts to oppose, maximum they will ban the actors & singers, cause some minor problems in trade. That’s all.” This is a very powerful dialogue as it shows the status India had, on the world platform. The surgical strike changed this perception & increased the confidence of Armed forces and common people exponentially, all in a single stroke.
Action scenes – check.
Music – check.
Drama & Plot – double check.
Script-writing – check.
Cinematography – check.
Acting – check, especially the funeral scene.
Nationalism, entertainment, feel alive quotient – check.
I am yet to think of a reason why one could skip this in theatre & wait for it to be released on Amazon Prime/Netflix and frankly I am coming up with a blank. Go watch it in a theatre. Take your family & friends. Whistle, clap, cry and salute. Maybe we can’t do much better than voting, paying taxes or encouraging such movies, but let’s do it all by remembering and thanking our armed forces. Jai Hind!
To sum it up I’ll use one of the statements from the movie itself, this is a movie about those who are trying day and night to save us from forces that are trying day and night to “Bleed India with a 1000 cuts”!
Seriously! How’s the JOSH? HIGH SIR!!! (salute).
Next week…. don’t miss on the 2nd dose of a nationalistic movie: Manikarnika. January 2019 has really opened up to bumper movies. What say?

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