Book Recap – The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams – Series refreshers

Namo Namaha friends. In this post, I’ll be attempting to give you a summary of the adult fantasy novel The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams. If you want to read my thoughts on this novel, do check out my review on the same, here.

This post is mainly intended towards readers who either have started the series and want to continue but can’t be bothered with re-reading the entire novel again for continuity’s sake. Or who don’t mind spoilers and want to check if the series is worth reading or not.

There have been times when I have checked out book summaries as a refresher before starting the next book in the series.

Hope this post helps you in some way or other. Please note, since this is a book summary post it might have spoilers about the plot, so do proceed with that in mind.

So that’s my first recap in a series of book refresher installments I have planned this year. Let me know how you like it and how you would like me to improve on this further? 

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Till then, stay safe and blessed. Om Shanti. 🙏

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