The Age of Witches – Review of a paranormal fantasy novel

Namo Namaha. This is a review post of my very first ARC(Advanced Reader Copy). Hurray! I received a copy of The Age of Witches novel. It’s a paranormal historical fantasy fiction novel by Louisa Morgan and is due for release on April 7th, 2020.

Book Name – The Age of Witches
Author – Louisa Morgan
Genre – Paranormal Fiction
Publisher – Redhook
Expected Publication Date – April 7th, 2020

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Frances lead the life of a destitute in her younger days. Hence, she’s determined to rise up the ladder of the social class and forget her painful past. She’s not beyond using unscrupulous ways to achieve her ambition. Meanwhile, Harriet, Frances’s cousin and a fellow witch, who leads a normal life as a herbalist, is drawn into the web of deception that Frances has planned. Keen on saving her grandniece Annis from Frances’ scheming, Harriet wages a war of wills that may have unintentional consequences with collateral damage. How far will you go to wrong a right? and how will society respond to people whom it labels as fringe? forms the crux of the story


The Age of Witches was a fast read. It was entertaining for the most part. Felt a bit unrealistic at times, but was an enjoyable and overall good read. This novel didn’t wow me but that’s not to say I didn’t like it. I finished this book in a day which says a lot about the writing style and story.

This is a story of the clash of wills and intentions of two witches and the repercussions of their actions. Annis falls victim to the scheming of her stepmother Frances, who’s a witch and Harriet Annis’s great aunt tries to save her and other innocent people from getting affected by Frances’ manipulations. An interesting feminist story. I was a bit puzzled by the ending though. Is there a sequel to this book, is this part of a series?

I loved both Harriet’s and Lady Eleanor’s characters. But, I was sorely disappointed by the way men have been characterized in the story. Weak, vain and passive, the men in the story had absolutely no substance. None of them were likable/unlikable they were just bland and mostly useless. They felt like distractions to the story and I was uncomfortable with that. A woman’s growth is not mutually exclusive of a man’s strength of character. There are thousands of stories where women have shone due to the silent and strong support of men in their family. I would have loved to see stronger and deeper male characters in the story.

Also, Velma’s character was so unrealistic that I caught myself rolling my eyes multiple times. Maybe it’s my cynical nature, but I found her naivety and innocence unrealistic.


Recommend this book if you are in the mood for a quick witchy fantasy read. The easy banter between Harriet and Grace. The witchy herbs and concoctions they cooked up were all exciting to read. It was not unique but it was refreshing just the same.

Review, recommendation, and rating

Freebie – worth reading if it’s received as a freebie or gift

Rrkreads rating – Freebie grade. Read it if you have time to pass or if you want a pallet cleanser in between heavy and deep books.

My GoodReads rating – 3.5 stars

So friends, over to you now. Are you planning to read this book, come April? I have a huge TBR planned for this month and am excited to wade through them. If you have any suggestions or feedback on my TBR or the books I have reviewed do let me know in the comments section. I’ll be glad to chat. Till then, stay blessed and happy. Om Shanti.

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