How two kids and a bean bag gave me the best lesson in happiness!

Have you ever wondered how kids can be so happy for no reason? Yes, no reason at all!

The other day it was great celebration in our household when we got the one thing we have wanted for a very long time (no, not a dog, though that’s still on the top of the list), a bean bag!!!


Now traditionally bean bag is just a thing to sit on right? Yes , i thought so too , but my kids turned that notion literally over its head when they turned the simple bean bag into a wonderful happiness machine. How? Let me give you a few examples of how the bean bag gets “utilized”:

  • The Game of Turtles – I hear a voice calling out to me from under the bean bag. I go near it and suddenly the head of my child pops out and shouts “ma , look i am a turtle!!!”. I burst out laughing, had definitely not seen that coming. You always “sit” on a bean bag, who could have thought a bean bag sitting on you could be so hilarious? Just so you know, the kids spent the next hour playing turtle, turtle , with loads of giggles and fun, with the added bonus of peace and bliss for the haggard mother.
  • The Punching bag – Yes , I too empathise with the bean bag but better it than me or worse, each other!
  • The Bofa – That is , bean bag on the sofa , yes , that precarious position is possible. You will be lucky if they do that under adult supervision.
  • The bean bag couch : A couple pillows, kids tucked in with their bed sheets and there, you have a makeshift couch. Added bonus of whispered stories , giggles and yes, happiness.

So what makes them happy ? My guess, they are creative with their happiness , they have no rules for happiness. Anything can make them happy whereas only few things make them sad. Isn’t that a wonderful way to live life? Generally it is the other way around with us adults , we have such rigid rules as to what will make us happy. Anything that doesn’t conform to that makes us miserable or at the least not so happy.Read More »How two kids and a bean bag gave me the best lesson in happiness!

Why I think Appraisal is a necessity?

I am surprised to find that I miss appraisals.I had a checklist when I was job searching and guess which point did not make my list? Yes, having an appraisal. Who would have thought appraisal as a tool beneficial not only for the employer but also for the employee? I have not been a part of my company’s appraisal yet and I find that after my self-imposed break of 1.5 years from the corporate world, subsequent change in career choice and a new job, I am desperate to know about my performance.

According to Merriam-Webster, appraisal is: The act of judging the value, condition or importance of something. Something that states an opinion about the value, condition, or importance of something.

All these years as a software engineer I assumed that appraisal was a process for the companies to analyze the performance of their workforce. How wrong I was! Little did I realize that the employee himself could benefit so vastly from the appraisal process?

I miss the pit stops we take in the name of appraisals and the goal setting we do to keep ourselves motivated and realistic about the goals we set.

Here’s why I think everybody needs an appraisal. Self or otherwise.

  • Feedback motivates: Feedback is always a major motivator. Try to get feedback from your mentor, supervisor and anybody who is in a better position to analyze your work. Any feedback is good feedback because it always helps you grow in your area and you grow in the direction which is beneficial to you and the organization.
  • Helps you set goals and stick to them: Though I am a rookie technical writer. I prefer working with deadlines and set goals. Goals help you focus. It gives you a perspective and always indicates what is achievable and what is not. It helps you realize the worth of your work.
  • Aspiration check: Majority of us enter into a field with a set of aspirations. Appraisals are checklists that help us achieve and keep track of our aspirations.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses check: Helps you to know your own strengths and weaknesses in your area of expertise. You can enroll in courses or upgrade your knowledge based on this analysis.


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