December Reading progress update – Week 1

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Hi, Welcome to my blog. Last week I posted my “ambitious” TBR plans for December and this post is where I let you know how I am faring with that plan. Two words: Not Good! A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow – George S Patton. An inspirational quote isn’t it? Notice the word “good” though? A good plan today is better than a perfect plan… but what if the plan kind of sucked in the first place? Let me explain. I realized my plan has a major flaw when I started reading the books. I… Read More »December Reading progress update – Week 1

November Wrap up

Hey guys, it’s time for my monthly wrap-up blog post. November, my birthday month has been quite a productive and busy month for me. I completed 9 books, 10 if I include The Last Wish which I am on the verge of completion. I am not talking about The Last Wish in this wrap up though. I do confess that most of the books I read were either Graphic Novels or in Audiobook format, so that did aid in me clearing my TBR faster. So let’s get down to the stats, shall we? 1. Aghora at the left hand of… Read More »November Wrap up

Uri Review

In Tulu, Uri is a word referring to the sensation of a burn! No wonder fiberals & tukde tukde gang are burning & losing their mind due to the movie Uri. Amazing movie! Yes, finally watched it. ? Hyper-nationalism? Of course, yes, & why not? bring it on!   This movie could be just an artistic reflection of what really happened, but there are times when you forget it’s a movie. Reality sucks you into its wormhole. The price our soldiers & their families paid is unimaginable. During the movie, I couldn’t even bring myself to eat popcorn without feeling… Read More »Uri Review

Petta Review

So watched Petta movie. Generally I write about movies I like. Petta is; not one such movie. I read reviews online and was absolutely not surprised by the rave reviews it got. After all it’s a Rajni movie!! normal standards of judging a movie doesn’t apply to him. But I belong to the minority that sees Rajni just like any other actor. i.e. judge an actor by his latest movie. To say that this movie would have bombed royally if any actor had attempted it would not be an exaggeration. My sincere suggestion to Rajni as a “normal” fangirl, is:… Read More »Petta Review

The Beginners Guide to Reviewing and Editing

Reviewing and Editing is an important part of the Technical writing process. No writing is complete without it being reviewed and/or edited.

As a novice Technical Writer, my first few tasks were to edit and review documents.My biggest challenge then, was to know the difference between editing and reviewing. You may ask, “is it not self-explanatory?” My thought exactly; that is, before I started off reviewing a document, over shot time by editing it, ended up missing my deadline and finally learnt two important lessons.

Lesson number 1: Know the scope of your work

Never start your work without knowing the exact limits of your work. By limits I mean:

  • What you can do
  • What you need not do but can do if time permits
  • What you should not do

People crave for limits. limits are something that gives a logical conclusion to any task. Without limits and restriction no work will ever truly get done.

“What you need not do but can do if time permits?”, is the grey area in the editing and reviewing world. It shows your dedication and the extra bit you want to put in your work. But how far is too far? Trying to find that out is when I learnt my

Lesson number 2: Estimate your work

Define timelines for your work.It gets easier when you know the scope of your work. You will learn more about defining your scope of the work in the following section. When you define timelines it is easier for you to decide on the ‘must do’ factors and ‘can do’ factors.  Your work will reflect consistency and quality when you follow the timelines based on your scope of work.

What is Reviewing and Editing?

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