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City of Bones and Beyond the Black Door

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Hi, welcome to my blog. This is a review post of the two novels I read this week: City of Bones and Beyond the Black Door. City of Bones is the 1st book from a 6 book series named The Mortal Instruments series and Beyond the Black Door is a standalone YA Dark Fantasy. I loved Beyond the Black Door and gave it 5 stars on Goodreads, actually 4.5. I’ll explain the reasoning behind that below in this post. I have mixed feelings about the City of Bones and gave it a 3.5 rating. So let’s begin with my least… Read More »City of Bones and Beyond the Black Door

December Reading update and Book Review – Week 1

Hi, Welcome to my blog. This post is partly a reading update and partly a review post in line with my December reading plans. Let’s begin with my reading update. I read 3 books this week and have started reading one more book. I struggled a little to complete the last 2 books and I am having second thoughts about my choice of books for this month. I haven’t started reading the biggest books on my TBR and that’s stressing me out a little. I realize I am not in the mood for heavy, thoughtful and sad books this month.… Read More »December Reading update and Book Review – Week 1

Aghora I – At the Left Hand of God

Goodreads rating: 4.22 Rrkreadsbooks rating: 3.5 This book has intrigued me since the time I saw it’s title in Goodreads. I knew this book would be quite unconventional and probably controversial. I wasn’t disappointed. Most of the events mentioned in the book seem straight out of a fantasy book, albeit a scary one. At times I would wonder if I am reading a book about a parallel universe or the one we are currently in. This book is loaded with symbolism and explains many concepts of Hinduism differently. As a practicing Hindu, I have grown up with a decent understanding… Read More »Aghora I – At the Left Hand of God