Another month another reading challenge – RRKReads enters a readathon, again!💃

Trope-ical Readathon TBR

Now that I have finished one readathon I am ready for more. So, after a break of about a week. I am jumping in for a month-long readathon, the Trope-ical readathon which runs through all of August. There are numerous prompts, books, team challenges, and more. I couldn’t be more excited.

Planning the TBR took more time than I expected but then with a month-long challenge that’s obvious I guess.

So there are about 13 individual prompts (you have alternate prompts for each main prompt) +
2 Team challenge prompts + Team book.
Thus rounding it off to about 16 prompts in total. Overwhelming and exciting isn’t it?

So, after much brain-racking, I have come up with the following tentative TBR. I am not sure how many of these I can complete by the end of august but I am pumped to getting started with all the challenges. Check out their site for more details on the readathon.

RRKReads Tropeical readathon TBR

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