November Wrap up

Nov WrapupHey guys, it’s time for my monthly wrap-up blog post. November, my birthday month has been quite a productive and busy month for me. I completed 9 books, 10 if I include The Last Wish which I am on the verge of completion. I am not talking about The Last Wish in this wrap up though. I do confess that most of the books I read were either Graphic Novels or in Audiobook format, so that did aid in me clearing my TBR faster.

So let’s get down to the stats, shall we?

1. Aghora at the left hand of god

  • Genre – Nonfiction
  • Author – Robert E Svoboda
  • Goodreads Rating – 4.22
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 3.5

This book is about a sect of ascetics known as Aghoras, whose practices or sAdhana, as it is called, are unconventional and mysterious. They have quite a polarizing effect on the general public, while some malign them, some revere them. This book is about one Aghora and his journey. It is a fantastic book that, for most parts, gives a surreal effect. Not a book for everyone but a very good one and a great starter for the next book in the series: Kundalini. Check out my full review of this book here.

2. Before the coffee gets cold

  • Genre – Contemporary fiction
  • Author – Toshikazu Tawaguchi
  • Goodreads Rating – 3.83
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 4

This book is about a quaint cafe named Funiculi Funicula and short stories set in it. This cafe is an urban legend where people believe that a particular seat in the cafe can take you back in time. “Is this legend true? How does time travel affect the people trying it?” These are some questions this book attempts to answer. I loved the short stories. Especially the love story between the elderly couple. Every story is poignant and so atmospheric. Many a time I could feel like how I would have, if I had been, in Tokyo that day. The only reason I didn’t give this book 5 is because I am not a great fan of the short stories format (I didn’t know that getting into this, my fault entirely!). Google told me there’s a movie adaptation of this movie. If you have watched it, do let me know if it’s worth checking it out.

3. Girl wash your face

  • Genre – Nonfiction
  • Author – Rachel Hollis
  • Goodreads Rating – 3.76,
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 3

This autobiographical book is about Rachel Hollis, a popular online personality (or that’s what the blurb says, I hadn’t heard of her till I saw this book, I picked it up solely due to the title and her cute expression in the photo). I listened to the audiobook and it was totally worth it. It is narrated by the author herself and her voice is AMAZING! I love her voice range, her accents and narration style, maybe that’s the way she talks but it was fabulous. Even if you are half dead and just want to crawl under the blankets and stay in it for the rest of your life, her voice will force you out of it to be active. I cleaned up half of my house while listening to her voice. Now, regarding the book, there’s nothing much to say, it’s an autobiography, she talks about her health issues, her success stories. Awesome book if you are into such things.

4. Heartstopper Vol 1 and Vol 2

  • Genre – YA Contemporary
  • Author – Alice Oseman
  • Goodreads Rating – 4.59
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 4

This is a Graphic novel series containing Volume 1 and 2. With an LGBT theme, it is a coming of age story. The artwork was ok, the story was short and sweet told in a matter of fact way. A quick 2-4 hours read. I enjoyed this book as a chill weekend read.

5. Pumpkinheads

  • Genre – YA Contemporary
  • Author – Rainbow Rowell
  • Goodreads Rating – 4.20
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 4

Another Graphic novel. This is a story of two teenagers who work in a Pumpkin patch and the adventure journey they undertake on their last day ever in the pumpkin patch. I loved the artwork, it had amazing detailing especially the tiny banners and messages around the patch. Another heartwarming read. Go for it.

6. Saga Vol 1

  • Genre – Science Fiction
  • Author – Brian K Vaughan
  • Goodreads Rating – 4.20
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 4

This month has been a Graphic novel month for me. It’s almost as if I opened my eyes to the wonders of Graphic novels only this past month. This book is a science fiction novel about a couple from opposing camps trying to escape from their pursuers and making a life for themselves and their newborn kid somewhere in the wide strife-stricken universe. I did not like the artwork much, though I did like the way different people from different parts of the universe are represented. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sometimes funny but always brilliant dialogues in this novel. This book is not a 5 for me but I am excited to start the next volume in this Saga series. It’s definitely in my December TBR.

7. The Bookshop on the corner

  • Genre – Contemporary Romance
  • Author – Jenny Colgan
  • Goodreads Rating – 3.85
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 3

This is a sweet albeit slightly boring story of Nina Redmond, a librarian who loses her job only to make an impulsive decision which then paves way for her to find love and purpose in life. I picked this book just because of the title, Bookshop! say no more, I’m in… I enjoyed the book references in this novel, as a librarian, Nina suggests a lot of books and that made me reach for my notepad to note down their names. Story-wise it was predictable as most romance stories are. I couldn’t connect to the characters and I didn’t root/not root for them. They were just meh! characters for me. It’s not a book I’ll pick up again, but I don’t regret reading it.

8. The Toll

  • Genre – YA Fantasy
  • Author – Neal Shusterman
  • Goodreads Rating – 4.37
  • Rrkreadsbooks rating – 3.75

Last but not least, the most awaited last book of the Arc of Scythe series, The Toll. I devoured the first book Scythe within a few hours. I loved it, I gave it 5 stars and picked up the next book in the series Thunderhead almost the next day. This second book didn’t impress me at all and I gave it a 3.5 rating only because of my love for Thunderhead. But, the ending of Thunderhead? My God! I literally screamed in frustration and obsessively waited for the next book to release ever since. So when The Toll did get released I lost no time procuring it. So, does the book live up to the hype? Sadly, no. It still is way better than Thunderhead but falls way below Scythe which is already in my All-time favorites list. What’s the problem? Here’s the problem: I hated how the Villain was such a non-villain, he didn’t do much for the reader to invest enough in hating him. Too many heroes none strong or solid enough to root for. Even in this book, I could only bear to read when Thunderhead was on the pages. The Author did give plausible explanations to all the questions he raised in all the books, the ending was satisfactory including the Bad guy’s end. But, I went in with lots of expectations and this book didn’t live up to it. This undoubtedly is an excellent book on its own but if you want a repeat of Scythe you’ll be sorely disappointed. So, in conclusion, do give this series a try for the realistic world-building that we all can relate to. The Toll is definitely the book of the month for me. But I am not sad this series ended.

Here’s a snapshot of how my reading went this month:

Books by Genre

Nov medium chartNov Rating chart

So that’s my wrap-up for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please do let me know your thoughts on these books if you have read it or are planning to. I’ll catch up with you soon with my December TBR post. Stay happy and blessed. Om Shanti.


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