Book Review – The Frequency of Us – Can love survive war, space and time?

Namo Namaha friends. In this post, I’ll be reviewing The Frequency of Us by Keith Stuart. A World War II historic fictional novel that has love and hope at it’s core. Thank you to Little Brown Book Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of this novel.

Book Name –  The Frequency of Us

Author – Keith Stuart

Genre – Fiction

Category – Historical/World War II

Year of publication – March 2021

Publication house – Little Brown Book Group

Goodreads rating – 4.25


This is a two-timeline narration story. One part is from the current timeline i.e. 2008 and another is from the world war II timeline. In 1942 Will finds himself in a bomb blast while trying to save a neighbor kid. When he comes to, he finds the world different from how he knew, and worst of all, his wife Elsa has disappeared and people are saying she’s just a figment of his imagination and that he never had a wife. Will spends decades as a guy who’s lost it when Laura a troubled girl herself arrives at his doorstep to help him as his carer. Can this bumbling girl help the 87-year-old regain his sanity and make sense of his life before and after that bomb blast?

Plot – 4/5

The plot was very engaging. I cannot claim to know the scientific accuracy behind the concepts mentioned in this book (It’s not very heavy, don’t worry) but I liked the plot and the story. It made sense to me. It also served the purpose of feeding me a good, entertaining, heart-wrenching, and satisfying story. Am good with that.

Pacing – 4.5/5

The pacing was excellent. I was thinking, like other historical fiction novels, this too will sag in the middle and pick up in the end. But I am surprised and happy to say that this book didn’t have the lagging middle problem. The author has maintained an even and steady pacing throughout the story, like a good cup of coffee that’s warm from the beginning to finish.

Characters – 4/5

I didn’t get attached to any of the characters. I probably might even forget all about them by next week but I still found the characters to be very well thought out and written about. Especially the relationship between Laura & Will, Will & Elsa, and Laura and her mother were heartwarming, good models that let me sink slowly into the story.

Setup – 4/5

I am not a huge set-up person. I couldn’t care less for descriptions of places, monuments, etc. My brain generally just casually skips over any such descriptions, be it about people, places, architecture, or weather. I cannot be bothered to read it with any interest. So I cannot judge the set-up accurately in this case, but whatever was there in the book worked for me and was not overdone.

Writing style – 4.5/5

Writing is very approachable and good. I didn’t have any trouble following through the timelines nor did I find the characters’ names or stories confusing. I am surprised I haven’t read this author before. An author with excellent potential indeed.

Review, Recommendation, and Rating

Rating – 4.2

Invest gradeBook worth investing and adding to your collection

Star Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Note: As I mentioned in my previous post, I have created a brand new rating system, you can check that out if you would like, here.

So those were my thoughts on The Frequency of Us. What do you think about the review? the novel? Does it interest you? Which are your favorite world war II stories? Do let me know your thoughts on my SM channels @twitter, @instagram, or @goodreads or comment down below.

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Let’s keep the bookish conversation going. Till then, stay safe and blessed. Om Shanti. 🙏

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