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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. As a consistent reader and book reviewer, I accept Book Review Requests and ARCs (Advance Review Copies) from Publishers and Authors.

If you are interested in working with me, do send me a mail @ post reading my review policy given below.

I post honest, unbiased reviews on Goodreads and my Booktube Channel (Youtube).

I generally avoid negative comments on review-requested books as a token of respect to the author/publisher.

Hence, the review will be posted only if I like the book or am confident in recommending it to others. I keep in mind the target audience, genre, and various other relevant factors while reviewing any book so my reviews are always honest, to the point with a polite/neutral and dignified tone.

I do not accept review requests of books that have nudity, excessive abuse, violence, perversion, and erotica.

My reviewing services are free of charge. I review only for the pleasure of reading new books.

I will try to respond to your review requests asap, but I can only review the books according to my work schedule, hence please bear with me if perchance response is delayed.

Rest assured though that I give every request their due priority, attention, and importance.

I accept Paperback/Hardcover books and books in pdf, .mobi or .epub formats. (Preferred format of course is .mobi / paperback/ hardback)

{Update: As of 4th Jan 2020, I have modified and updated my book reviewing and rating system. I am trying to make it a bit more intuitive and clear. I will be very glad to hear your thoughts on the same.}

Book Review System

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