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I am Reshma RK. A social introvert misunderstood to be an extrovert (Is that a thing?). I prefer to be lost in books and the worlds within. Love binge watching book tube, connecting and chatting with book lovers about? surprise, surprise! Books!

If you are an Author/Publisher looking for a book reviewer or a Beta Reader, do check out my Review Policy page.
If you are a curious visitor or a reader, the honor is mine, please explore the blog and read my posts. I am sure you’ll find some to your liking.

I also air my bookish views on my Youtube channel @ RRKReads, so do check it out and support my content by liking my videos and subscribing to my channel. šŸ™

Last but not least if you are simply as passionate about books as I am, then do connect with me on my socialsĀ or send me a mail @ rrkreads@gmail.com

Stay blessed and happy. Om Shanti.

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