3 must do’s before you decide to quit your job or your career!

The major source of discontentment in today’s job scenario is:

  • Not knowing what you want
  • Not prioritizing the things you want
  • Being complacent towards achieving what you want

I get inspired when I meet the rare person who is happy with the job he is in. He does his job with total dedication, he gets the pay he thinks he deserves and he is in a position he thinks he should be in. The one thing I ask such a person is: “What’s your secret?“, almost always the answer is: ‘Passion and Contentment‘.

Contentment is a virtue.  It is very hard to be content in today’s world. Contentment is not a natural state. Like meditation you need to practice it. Does contentment mean you have to stop having ambitions? Does it mean you stop trying to achieve? No, it just means you need to give a logical pause between each achievement to retrospect. How else will you realize how much you have achieved and how much more you can achieve?

Note: Failure is also a pause albeit a literal one.Very hard to ignore, unlike contentment, but equally necessary for growth.

Contentment is like the period in a sentence. It makes the statements of your life precise and meaningful. It lets you know when to stop something and when to begin something. It lets you know when something has reached its logical conclusion. A person who is content always tries to see the positives of any situation and tries to get the best out of it.

On that note, lets proceed to the : ” 3 Must-dos before you even think of  quitting your job or your career”

1. Note down your Contentment Factors (C.Fs)

Being aware of what you want from your job is the first step towards a great job and career.

Note: C.Fs change over time. My childhood contentment factor was restricted to getting a good book to read.

Contentment depends on a lot of factors, for example, my current  Contentment Quotient (C.Q)  depends on the following things:

  • Am I capable of handling my official responsibilities? (Meaning: am I given relevant tasks? you cannot do an electrician’s job if you are a carpenter, unless of course you have also been trained to be one and you want to be one)
  • Am I getting a decent pay? (Decent pay is when some consideration is given to my qualification and my position)
  • Am I getting enough time with my family?

I am naturally content if the above criterion is met. What to do if you are not naturally content? Then you move on to step 2

2. Prioritize your C.Fs

Determine which C.Fs you can tweak a little to be content with your job?

For example: Ask yourself , “Is it ok, if I am having lesser time with my family than usual but am getting good pay and great work?”,  here you are tweaking your family time. Remember tweaking doesn’t mean completely removing the contentment factor from the equation. It means you do some minor adjustments to balance your C.Q.

If you are not content even after noting down your C.Fs and tweaking them according to priority, then move on to step 3

3. Try to change the situation causing the discontentment

You can do that by addressing the issues to your superior or HR. They might show you ways to tweak your C.Fs and encourage you to stay in the company. Why throw away something, if you can fix it? Also, make sure you introspect and ensure that it’s not your attitude or your performance (or the lack of it) that is causing you discontentment. If the problem lies within you, it’s highly unlikely you will find the solution elsewhere.

If none of the above steps help then you can proceed on either changing your job or your career.

Now, How to determine if you need a Job change or a change in Career?
You can determine that, based on what you are uncomfortable with. If you are unhappy with

your work, position in the company, policies and facilities or the team.

Then a Job Change might give you the contentment you desire.

On the other hand if nothing about your Type of Work excites you then you might need to choose a new career that inspires you. The one thing that fuels contentment is Passion. Passion for the type of work you do. If you don’t have passion you won’t be inspired to achieve and if you don’t get the sense of achievement you won’t have anything to be content about.

Recently my friend quit her comfortable job which adhered to all her C.Fs, for a job where she had to tweak her C.Fs considerably.

” Why?”
Because the new career inspires her and she gets to follow her passion. She has an opportunity to be naturally content with her job.

Obviously now her C.Fs will change to match her current job.

Now that you know how to decide if you need a change of scene, I am sure you will create your own set of C.Fs (If it’s not already present). Share your list and inspire people to love the job they have and to get the job they love.

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