January 2019

Uri Review

In Tulu, Uri is a word referring to the sensation of a burn! No wonder fiberals & tukde tukde gang are burning & losing their mind due to the movie Uri. Amazing movie! Yes, finally watched it. ? Hyper-nationalism? Of course, yes, & why not? bring it on!   This movie could be just an artistic reflection of what really happened, but there are times when you forget it’s a movie. Reality sucks you into its wormhole. The price our soldiers & their families paid is unimaginable. During the movie, I couldn’t even bring myself to eat popcorn without feeling… Read More »Uri Review

Petta Review

So watched Petta movie. Generally I write about movies I like. Petta is; not one such movie. I read reviews online and was absolutely not surprised by the rave reviews it got. After all it’s a Rajni movie!! normal standards of judging a movie doesn’t apply to him. But I belong to the minority that sees Rajni just like any other actor. i.e. judge an actor by his latest movie. To say that this movie would have bombed royally if any actor had attempted it would not be an exaggeration. My sincere suggestion to Rajni as a “normal” fangirl, is:… Read More »Petta Review