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RRKReads book review of The Heron Kings fantasy novel

Namo Namaha friends. It’s been a long time since I gave you my reading updates, isn’t it? I have been reading as per usual but I haven’t been feeling the vibe to review them. Some were good but some were so inconsequential that mentioning even their titles would be a chore. 

Not that they weren’t good, they were just situational books, books that outlived their purpose once the situation had passed. I am not sure I am explaining myself as well as I would like to, but, suffice to say that I was reading continuously but I just couldn’t bring myself to write in these dreary corona times. So that’s my drab update, how are you guys doing? I hope everybody is safe and healthy?

Now without further ado let me get to the post. This post is my review of a fantasy novel named The Heron Kings. I had received an ARC of this book and it’s only now that I got around to reviewing it. So here it goes. 

Book Name – The Heron Kings
Author – Eric Lewis
Genre – Fantasy fiction
Category – Adult Action Drama
Year of publication – April 2020
Goodreads rating – 3.57


The Heron Kings is a story of a bunch of underdogs who refuse to bend to the circumstances forced upon them by the greedy and tyrannical nobility. Alessia, a surprisingly foul-mouthed nun is caught up in the war between two wannabe rulers. 

Caught between her need to heal people and to not get involved with either side, she unwittingly gives hope to a bunch of peasants and common people to fight against the nobles that oppress them. She becomes the leader of a covert insurgent group named The Heron Kings (Ironical isn’t it? Heron Kings and not Heron Queen ??) 

This story is described accurately enough in GoodReads. So accurate that the synopsis covers the entire story. What this novel lacks in intrigue is more than made up by the delicious way the story is told. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the story. 

Be aware of the trigger warnings before going into the book, though. 

There are enough gore and cursing to last you a week. Some scenes were so brutal that I almost had a physical reaction to it, I felt nauseous by the end of some scenes. 

I don’t like gory scenes or unnecessary violence. But, this book is all about war and the destruction it unleashes on the common people. The involuntary victims of any carnage. Hence, the gore and violence were most certainly justifiable. 

What appealed to me? 

  1. I liked the characters. Though there isn’t a speck of romance between the main characters, the camaraderie and easy banter between them was easily the best thing in this novel. I loved the way they looked out for each other, even under the direst of circumstances. 
  2. The accurate depiction of the ill-effects (are there any good effects? except for the rulers maybe?) of the war. 

  Especially of the fact that: 

  •   Somebody will definitely profit from all that destruction. 
  •   There is no war without an agenda. 
  •   Once unleashed it almost always escalates pretty soon and pretty much gets out of the control of the very powers that started it. 

What didn’t appeal to me? 

The ending – There is no way to put this nicely. I was sorely disappointed with the ending. Especially when the entire book was building up to the end and it ended so anticlimactically. I felt cheated out of a satisfactory ending. 

There is no big speech or grand gestures, and I was fine with it, as I have seen that in one too many novels, but, I think the ending should have at least been worth the sacrifices and tribulations faced by the characters throughout the novel. 


Overall I enjoyed this book a lot despite the gore & violence and despite my minor complaint on the ending. The story was good, characters were fabulous, each with their unique motivations and ethics. 

The constant moral dilemma faced by each character and the actions resulting from that dilemma was a nice touch to the story. It gave hope in an otherwise grim situation. I am not sure if this novel falls under fantasy genre though it read more like a fictional action drama. I recommend reading and enjoying this fast, gripping read over a weekend. 

Review, Rating and Recommendation

Borrow grade book rrkreads
Borrow – book worth borrowing from the library or trading with friends

This is a Borrow grade book

GoodReads rating – 4 stars.

So, friends, that’s all from my end on this book. I hope everybody and their families are doing well in these locked-down times. Stay blessed and Om Shanti.

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