Half a King – Book review of my first Joe Abercrombie book

March 7, 2020
Read the book review of Half a King, my first Joe Abercrombie read. The first book in the Shattered Sea trilogy, an epic fantasy series.

The Mesmerist – review of an urban fantasy novel

March 5, 2020
Read my book review of an urban fantasy novel – The Mesmerist by Joseph D’Agnese.

The Age of Witches – Review of a paranormal fantasy novel

March 3, 2020
Read my review of a brand new paranormal fantasy novel The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan due this April.
A story of witches and their conflicting wills and intentions. How far will they go to win and how much are they willing to lose?
salvation of a saint book review by rrkreads

Salvation of a saint – Not all sins are forgiven! Review of Keigo Higashino’s Mystery Thriller novel

February 18, 2020
Can all sins be forgiven? Read my review of Keigo Higashino’s yet another thrilling murder mystery novel: Salvation of a Saint.

Why Indians must call out on the usage of the term “South Asia” to represent Indians? and Why we must stop it from being used as an excuse to misrepresent India on the global platform?

February 12, 2020
Why Indians must stop referring to themselves as South Asians? To avoid misrepresentation of India/ns on the global platform. Read my post on the unpopular opinion that Pakistan and India are different ends of a spectrum, being geographically close shouldn’t be a criteria for them to be on the same page or even in the same sentence.


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Heirloom – book worth treasuring and passing on as a heirloom
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Invest – worth buying and including it in your collection
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