Review Policy

As a consistent reader and book reviewer I accept Book Review Requests and ARCs (Advance Review Copies) from Publishers and Authors.

If you are interested in working with me, do connect with me post reading my review policy given below.

I post honest, unbiased reviews in Goodreads and LitsyI generally avoid negative comments on review requested books as a token of respect to the author/publisher. Hence, the review will be posted only if I like the book or am confident in recommending it to others. I keep in mind the target audience, genre, and various other relevant factors while reviewing any book so my reviews are always honest, to the point with a polite/neutral and dignified tone.

I do not accept review requests of books that have nudity, excessive abuse, violence, perversion, and erotica.

My reviewing services are free of charge. I review only for the pleasure of reading new books.

I will try to respond to your review requests asap, but I can only review the books according to my work schedule, hence please bear with me if perchance response is delayed. Rest assured though that I give every request their due priority, attention, and importance.

Currently, I am not accepting Paperback/Hardcover books but I’ll be glad to accept books in pdf, .mobi or .epub formats. (Preferred format of course is .mobi)


Book Review System


I am a Freelance Copy Editor in addition to being a Bibliophile, Blogger and Technical Writer. I am an Engineering graduate with more than 10 years of experience in the Software industry and 6 years of experience in the writing field. My experience in various fields has taught me that I can use my keen, critical eye and organization skills better in the field of Editing than in Writing. So now I am more focused on taking up Copyediting projects.

I am competent in editing technical books, especially from the Software Industry. So feel free to reach out to me with all your Copyediting needs.

I also edit Novels/Books/Graphic Novels and prefer books from the following genres in the descending order of priority:

  • YA Fantasy, High Fantasy, Adult Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy
  • Mystery and Suspense Thrillers
  • YA Contemporary Fiction
  • Business or Finance related Non-Fiction books
  • Romance Fiction

I charge for my services as per the industry standards and I am open to negotiations. When it comes to books I am as invested in editing and refining a book as much as you are as an Author/Publisher so be rest assured of my diligence towards the project.

I prefer e-copies/e-books for editing. Though I am open to proofreading a hardcopy, I need soft copies for copyediting.


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