Petta Review

So watched Petta movie. Generally I write about movies I like. Petta is; not one such movie. I read reviews online and was absolutely not surprised by the rave reviews it got. After all it’s a Rajni movie!! normal standards of judging a movie doesn’t apply to him. But I belong to the minority that sees Rajni just like any other actor. i.e. judge an actor by his latest movie. To say that this movie would have bombed royally if any actor had attempted it would not be an exaggeration.

My sincere suggestion to Rajni as a “normal” fangirl, is: ” Kindly please stop making movies attempted by your fanboy directors, not sure if they are improving your stature or destroying your reputation.”

Wish he could take a piece out of his fellow actors like Mohanlal, Amitabh and does movies that suit his stature and age. (I know mentioning his age or anything non-illustrious about Rajni is taboo. Yet I stick my neck out this time and will attempt to tell what needs to be told.)

Now jumping on to my thoughts about Petta. ( I congratulate people who have read till now, as I know by now you would have realized this review is definitely not going to eulogize Rajni or the movie. It is a honest, straight forward display of my thoughts on the movie)

Moving on  ——> SPOILERS AHEAD, read at your own risk ——–>

Let’s begin with things I liked:

  1. Rajni, of course. His unmatched style, his startlingly good looks. He looks 30 yrs younger. Hat’s off to the make-up artists and Rajni himself for maintaining such a youthful figure.
  2. His dance steps. I enjoyed his dance. In other movies I would cringe every time he danced ( His recent movies) especially when he is pitched against the young actors who are without exception excellent dancers ( dear Madhavan is still an exception, teehee! )
  3. All the ladies in the movie, including Simran, Trisha and the other two ladies. Radiant and ravishing, they light up the screen whenever they appear on it. (which is unsurprisingly less, each lady must have been given max four to five scenes.)
  4. Background score. Very good background score. Matched Rajni’s style. Very apt for every situation, the background score was easily one of the best things in the movie.
  5. Some may say action sequences. But, since I detest violence and have the heart of mouse, I can scarcely comment on the action part of any movie.
  6. Location, heard from somebody that most of the parts were shot in Darjeeling and Uttar Pradesh. Be it the beautiful Ganga or the serene Darjeeling. Every scene that included them was like a piece of art.
  7. Comedy, any Rajni movie is incomplete without his comedy scenes and this movie doesn’t disappoint. His comedy timing is as good as ever. The first part of movie will tickle your funny bones.

Now, things that were Meh!

  1. Vijay sethupathi, Nawazuddin, Thrisha and Simran. Good actors and their amazing calibre completely wasted. Personally I went to see this movie for Vijay Sethupathi ( please don’t beat me up! ) and was deeply disappointed with his role. A side actor could very well have done his role.

Now, let’s move on to the cringe worthy parts.

  1. Non-existent plot. Don’t get me wrong but every recent movie I have seen of Rajni’s, I get the feeling that, the directors decide the agenda first then write the script. Inter-religion marriage, sand mining, ragging, corruption, Go-hathya. The director has taken most of the hot topics that media says is ailing our current society and has attempted to solve everything using Rajni magic. Spare me please.
  2. Perplexing messages on integrity and dharma. ( Whoever is asking me to take a chill pill, please note, Rajni is accorded the status of a demi-god. Whatever he does, he says is lapped up by his fans irrespective of gender, age, caste or creed. His actions even as an actor in a movie is considered as things that can be emulated. As a demigod, whether he asked for that status or not, shouldn’t he be more responsible in seeing what’s being fed to the masses?). He talks about equality, but is unscrupulous in using recommendation to get into the college. He talks about karma but is completely unconflicted when taking law into his hands and killing indiscriminately. There is a scene where he actually boasts ” I will come out in mere four months from jail ” after a murder. What message are you giving exactly? And his wife’s reaction or the lack of it was even more perplexing. Don’t even ask me about the scene where he openly kills a man in a funeral that has kids and practically the entire village and laughably is hailed as hero. Seriously what kind of role models are we having in this country. A country that had Rama, Krishna, Vivekananda as role models now has goondas, rowdies and murderers as role models. (Shudder!!).
  3. The worst thing about the movie is he compares his actions with those of Shri Rama. Before I get to the serious logical flaw in his argument. I would like to ponder over what exactly is his problem with Hindus, even in Kaala his director had to demonize the upper caste. Why this unnecessary provocation? and do not tell me it is an innocent inclusion in the plot.  Coming back to Rama, Rajni in the movie mercilessly manipulates Vijay Sethupathi to the extent that he kills his own brother and father. Am ok with this, problem is: when he justifies this act by saying Rama killed Vaali under similar circumstances. Sorry, this example is completely non-equivalent. The real example should have been that of Vibheeshana, who defected from his family to join the enemy. But unlike the unscrupulous hero in this movie, Sri Rama not only was loyal to Vibheeshana but also gave him his country back after Ravana’s death. Seriously what stature does the hero have to even take Shri Rama’s example? Did he even think of giving the Vibeeshana in the movie another chance? Especially how he was raised by his cruel father? What would he have lost if he had raised him as his own son? A hero who has 0 moral ground takes Rama’s example? Pah!
  4. Mindless violence, the scene where the villain is punctured with a 100 bullets. I could only wonder at the kind of blood lust the hero has. All is fair in love and war? Law and order can go hang itself? It is only for common citizens, Heroes don’t have to bother with the minor details of following the law, setting an example?

Phew I am done ranting about reviewing the movie. Any thoughts do let me know in the comments section. Jai Hind!

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