Legend – YA Science Fiction Book Review

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Namo Namaha, it’s been a fortnight since I last wrote my blog post. Life came in the way :). The silver lining in the situation was: My writing got interrupted but I didn’t give up on reading. I completed four books and kept aside two more (those books were just not for me). This blog post is my review of a YA Sci-fi novel named Legend.

Book name – Legend
Genre – YA Science fiction – Dystopian
Author – Marie Lu
Series Name – Legend (3 books)
Book number in the series – Book 1
Goodreads rating – 4.18

Legend is the first book in a trilogy authored by Marie Lu, an American of Chinese descent. It is based on a retelling of Les Miserables.

Legend - Book Review


This is a science-fiction based in a post-apocalyptic world where people live according to a hierarchy & are ruled by somebody called Elector Primo. Day is a boy who has fallen off the grid from within the cracks of the system. He survives on the streets doing petty thieving & is unwillingly hailed as the anonymous but consistent resistance to the establishment. Things go downhill when he gets labeled as a murderer after one of his failed thieving stints. June is a privileged girl high up in the establishment whose goal is to bring the murderer of her brother, to justice. While Day struggles to escape the tag of a murderer, June realizes all is not well with the establishment or her world as she was led to believe. Two opposing forces meet & are forced to face the truth about the world around them.


I enjoyed the book immensely. It was fast-paced and there were no filler scenes to drag the story. I completed the book in a day, it was interesting & engaging. The protagonists were thinking, feeling people & for a change, they were shown acting their age. In most dystopian stories, teenagers rarely behave like teenagers which is quite jarring & unnatural to read. But in this book, the teenage phase of the protagonists is clearly on display complete with the impulsive streak, the shyness, the stubbornness, the do or die attitude and so on. The strength of youth displayed on the pages was good to read.

What did I like about Legend?

I liked the story & I am looking forward to seeing how this series continues. Tess is my favorite character. She doesn’t appear much but she is quite memorable in the scenes she appears in. Though the identity of the antagonist & the direction the story takes, was not a surprise. The twist, in the end, was fabulous. It made me reach for the second book in the series, Prodigy, right away.

I absolutely adored the relationship dynamics between Tess and Day, Day and his family, June and her brother. Marie Lu has done an excellent job portraying organic relationships.

What didn’t appeal to me?

For a book that’s supposed to be in the science fiction genre, Legend didn’t wow me with its scientific temper. There were mentions of plague and drugs to counter them, etc but nothing that set it apart as a sci-fi book. I am hoping the rest of the books in the series does some justice to the genre.

Final thoughts

All in all an excellent story, a good introduction to the characters and a very good first book for a series. I definitely am continuing with the next book in the series: Prodigy.

Rrkreads rating

This is a Borrow grade book for me, worth borrowing from the library or trading with a friend. If I like the series I might upgrade it to Buy grade, but, for now, Borrow it is for me. Do check out my rating system to know more about the kind of books that get rated as Buy or Borrow grade.

As this book was a very entertaining and fast-paced, quick read I gave this book 4 stars in Goodreads.

So that’s my view on Legend, what are your thoughts? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Let me know your thoughts on this book or even on the entire series. Meanwhile, I’ll be back with another book review, till then, stay blessed and happy. Om Shanti.

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