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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. It’s December (Already?) and I am excited to post my TBR plans for this month. I have a conservative number of books to read this month, nothing ambitious by normal standards. But, December is not a normal month is it? The hectic Exams and Holiday schedule will not allow me to continue reading at my usual pace. Nevertheless, I want to try, as I have an excellent collection of books with me this time, and I am just dying to jump right in.

Some books have been in my TBR for a long time and some are books recommended by my favorite booktubers. All the books have a rating above 3.7. I am not reading with any specific theme in mind this time, as the genres are all over the place and I am going in for a mood reading (Can that be a theme?). Surprisingly enough there are no Graphic Novels on the list. So the probability of me finishing all the books from this TBR looks slim, but a girl’s gotta try, shouldn’t she?

So, first, let’s start with the books I am most excited about and then slowly move down the priority list. Shall we?

1. Children of Blood and Bone – I stumbled onto this book after a horrible experience with an audiobook ( ‘Shatter me’ audiobook to be specific, I probably will rant about this in my wrap up post. I ditched the audiobook but decided to give the physical book a try based on the recommendation from a fellow reader. So yeah we’ll see how that goes. But, take my advice and stay away from the Shatter me audiobook and spare yourself some pain). Children of Blood and Bone is a YA Fantasy book and it won the Goodreads choice award 2018 under the Debut Author category. I would be lying though if I said I knew anything about its illustrious reputation before going in. I am hooked to this novel because of the narration. I love the narrator’s voice, her accent and I am thoroughly enjoying the narration of the action scenes. I am just 20% in so I can’t comment on the book as such, but I am determined to see this through.

2. Things my son needs to know about the world – A Non-Fiction book recommended by Merphy Napier, one of my favorite booktubers. This one is also an audiobook. I can already foresee this book becoming one of my favorite books of this quarter. It’s funny, light and emotional. I have finished about 50% of the book (It’s a short one!) and it’s a no brainer to predict that this will be off my TBR soon enough.

3. The 5th Wave – I haven’t read a Sci-fi novel in a long time so I picked this one up from the library. This book is the first book in a trilogy, I have read like 10 pages from the book so I can’t comment much on it yet. I am eager to see if I like this book enough to continue with the series.

4. The Time Traveler’s Wife – This is one of the Sci-fi books that always comes up during random Social media chatter but never really makes a mark on you. A book that I know nothing about but am excited to read because of the cult status it has achieved and yes, Time travel! enough said. Btw, How’s the movie adaptation of this book? Would you recommend it? Do let me know in the comments section if you recommend the movie as well.

5. Aghora II – Kundalini – After the 1st book (Aghora), I was excited to read this book. But, I know this is a heavy book, hence I am on the fence with this one. In keeping up with the mood theme (yeah, I turned it into a theme, why not?) I am planning to read it if the mood strikes me, fair enough? 🙂 Also, this is the 2nd Non-fiction book from my TBR.

6. All the light we cannot see – A historical fiction book, I have heard some great things about this book and It’s been in my TBR for like forever. This is a story about a French girl and a German boy set in the World War II backdrop. I find historical fiction books quite emotional and a little disturbing to read, but, this book was available in the library and I was like “Why miss the chance?“. I might take in this book a little slower than I usually do but I hope to finish it. (Yes, I have the audiobook but it’s too long and with a book that’s as detail-oriented as this one, I am a little skeptical of that medium, so I am sticking with the Physical book format, for now.)

7. Men without women – A literary fictional book by Haruki Murakami. I read his novel Kafka on the shore and didn’t care for it much. But, his books come highly recommended by another one of my favorite booktubers Kate and this one sounded like the least complicated of his books, so I am going to try this. Wish me luck! Isn’t the title amazing though?

8. Shatter me – The 2nd YA fantasy in my TBR list and the one with the least priority. Ok. let me clarify a bit here. This is not a slight on the book itself, this book is highly rated and many people love this series. I just got scarred by the audiobook. I don’t have enough words to say how much I hated the narrator’s voice or the cringe-worthy strikethrough sounds. Check out the picture below.

insane shatter me

This is a snapshot from the book. Now, as a reader, you might just skip it after the 1st “I am not insane” phrase. But you won’t be as lucky with the audiobook. The narrator screeches “I am not insane” only about 80 times!

I generally do chores when I am listening to an audio so by the time I ran back to stop the 80 times “I am not insane” repeat, I was afraid some neighbor will ring the bell trying to check up on MY mental health! So yeah despite the trauma I want to give this book a try (Don’t ask me why. I have no clue, maybe this book did shatter me!). Let’s see if this book will make it to the wrap-up post.

9. The Bromance Book Club – This is a bonus book I am throwing into the pile, just because. Every booktuber who has mentioned this one has done nothing less than gush about it. Honestly, even I am stoked about reading this one. This is a second chance story about a couple who have almost fallen out of love and the Hubby joins a secret romance club to, well, rekindle the romance. I love stories where long-term couples try to work things out. I am eager to finish this Contemporary romance novel.

So, those are my humble TBR plans for this December. Are you excited about any of the books I have mentioned in this post? Have you read any of them, planning to? I love hearing about your bookscapades so do let me know your thoughts in the comments section. See you again in my next post about what else? Books! Stay happy and blessed. Om Shanti.

PS: The 5th Wave has a movie adaptation? :O I don’t do well with adaptations because am paranoid about them messing it up. If per chance I do watch a movie before the book, I usually don’t get around to reading the book! (Yes, I didn’t read Hobbit, because I watched the movie 🙁 ) So, people, please let me know in the comments if I should watch the movie or read the book?

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