December Reading progress update – Week 1

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Hi, Welcome to my blog. Last week I posted my “ambitious” TBR plans for December and this post is where I let you know how I am faring with that plan. Two words: Not Good!

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow – George S Patton.

An inspirational quote isn’t it? Notice the word “good” though? A good plan today is better than a perfect plan… but what if the plan kind of sucked in the first place?
Let me explain. I realized my plan has a major flaw when I started reading the books. I forgot to factor in the number of pages each book has before chalking out the plan for a month as busy as December.

For those rolling their eyes and asking me: “Honestly RRK, is the size of the book really an obstacle?”  Hear me out, Yes, it is. It is if you have more than 3 books that could easily be the book-of-choice for the Tome Topple readathon! (It’s a readathon where people read huge books!). It is if next week is your kids’ exam week and like all self-respecting Indian parents, you have to be more stressed out about it than they ever will be!

Maybe I should have just gone the easy route and picked up some Graphic novels or avoided grey-matter-necessary kind of non-fiction or historical fiction, but, no I picked up:

The Time Traveler’s Wife with 615 pages
All the light we cannot see with 530 pages
Children of Blood and Bone with 544 pages.

What’s more ludicrous was my impression that Aghora II: Kundalini (269 pages) would be the toughest book to read! Ha!

But, all is not lost… yet! (I can be obsessively optimistic when the need arises 🙂 ).
I did finish Things my son needs to know about the world (do watch out for its review in my end-of-the-week post). I am 44% into the 5th wave (Spoiler alert: I am loving it as of now). 38% into Children of blood and bone. This one is getting a little harder to complete, not because I dislike the story, it’s good, but I feel it’s slowing down a bit and is inching closer to the domain of boring. So, I’ll wait and watch or in this case continue reading. I am 30% into Shatter me and have decided not to continue reading it until I finish the other books I started.

In conclusion, I have a new plan (Hope this one fares better than the earlier one). Finish 2 books this week, read one huge book per week peppering each week with the smaller ones. Finally, try to finish off the books I couldn’t get to in the last vacation week (which is generally relaxing and peaceful, fingers crossed).

There are months when I have finished 12 books or more and then there are months like this when I can barely get through a single book. But, as you know, any bibliophile worth her salt will never let go of a single chance to, read, or talk about the books she has read. Hence, I stick to my wobbly plan and will soldier on!

Now, tell me which month has been your most difficult-to-read month? How did you overcome the slump? Do let me know more about your reading experiences in the comments section. See you soon with a review post next time. Till then stay happy and blessed. Om Shanti.

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